Einthusan Telugu Movies (2023) You Need to Know!

einthusan hindi movie September 3, 2020

Do you find yourself watching a movie that you don’t understand the language and you still find yourself following the pictures even though you don’t understand what they are saying? Well, if you do, we are sailing in the same boat because I do that with Indian movies.

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You will agree with me that Asian movies are becoming the next big thing after Hollywood. They have been able to make the world love them due to their entertaining movies. Their producers have done such good work in making sure that you and I stay glued to the television.

Einthusan telugu

Einthusan telugu

With over 6 languages to choose from. You can find a film of your choice. From romance, action, drama, comedy or thriller, there is always the latest good film for your watch. There are many upcoming actors and actresses proving that Bollywood is here to stay

In all the Indian movies that you watch, am sure there are some that you find intriguing than others, right? Yes, there is a certain type of movies called the Telegu movies that have been in the centre of attracting in the Indian movies, want to know why? Scroll along.

About Telegu movies

You must have come across the movies in the course of enjoying one of the Indian movies. That is because they have been prominent and in the centre of many talks on social media. For them to gain popularity they must be good right? well, it is up to you to decide.

Telugu movies are movies that are film and acted in the Telegu language, the 4th highest speaking language in the Asian countries. The language has over 75 million speakers and that explains why the movies have gained popularity among the Indian community.

The Telegu movies are under the Tollywood, part of the Indian cinema producing farm based in the state of Andhra Pradesh in SE India. They have been influential in the Bollywood industry due to their efforts in producing among the best movies to the audience.

It all started with Raghunath Venkaiah Nadav, a producer who is known for producing short stories about the Indian culture, happening and other factors happening in India. Over the years, they have seen the upcoming of many more potential and more creative producers in the industry.

With so much popularity in the Telegu movies come with a lot of critics. Some are positive and others negative. Before you get to know about all that, you need to first understand hat is prominent in the movies, what makes the movies stand out from the rest?

Characteristics of einthusan Telegu movies

There are a lot of Indian movies in the Bollywood industry, what makes the Telegu movies stand out, I know you ask yourself that question always right? Well, the following are the characteristics that stand out in the Telegu movies;

  • The hero

If you have been watching the movies, there is a specific hero who stands out in the movie. Mostly a man, he stands out and the movie revolves around him. They are even seen as an idol in the outside world due to the emphasis that is put on him in the movie.

The movie, which seems to have the same script has a hero who is many films falls in love with a beautiful girl from a rich background. The hero fights a lot of obstacles to in the girl’s love. That is the role of almost all the heroes in the Telegu movies.

  • Fight

In almost all the Telegu movies, the hero is always seen to fight evil men. When you look at the fights, they are considered the best among the Bollywood industry. That is because the screen is shot well with a lot of skills and art.

Through faking, they are seen to be real. Am sure you have enjoyed one or two of the scenarios where the hero fights almost 50 men at once. It keeps people glued to the film to see how he will defeat the bad guys.

  • The dances

In many Telegu movies, women are prominent in dancing. With all the belly button out with their sari, they are seen to be dancing in the songs that appear in every screen. They have a nice dance sequence that put emphasis on the movie.

The singing and the dancing make me loves movies. That is because they bring entertainment to another whole new level. You don’t only see the movie but also the art of dancing in the same movie making it interesting to watch.

  • Humour

When you look at Nani, Sathe, Ready teal, they always bring an element of humour in the movies. One of the vital roles of a movie is to make you laugh and have a good time while watching it. that is a role that the Telegu movies been playing very well.

In every movie, there is a funny guy, who may be dumb and keep on receiving slaps from the hero but keep you laughing in the whole movie. They are known to be funny and keep the viewer laughing his or her heart out.

  • Romance story

In many, there is always a love story behind. If you love romance movies, they got you covered. The hero is always in love with a girl, the daughter of the ton drug lord and he keeps on fighting the father to get the girls to love, that is the story in many movies.

If you are into crying and happy endings, you will love watching the Telegu movies. The actors know how ell to bring the story for you to understand and relate with. You also get to understand the Asian culture and love in a better way when you watch them.

  • Experimenting

With so many producers in the industry, they are always experimenting with new things. That makes them thrilling each time you watched them. Though people say that they are predictable, they surprise people with every film the come with each time.

With the many actors surfacing, it is hard to predict what they will produce next. With the upcoming of technology and other ways of doing things, they have been experimenting and venturing into other ways of shooting movies making them the 2nd largest after the Bollywood movies.

Controversies surrounding the Telugu movies

Why is it that there is so much talk on the movie that entertains people that much? That is the question in your mind, right? There are so many talks about the movies that have been catching the headlines. While some are good, there are some that have been degrading the industry.

While you enjoy the movies and they entertain you, it is good you have a look at some of the issues the people have been talking about. the following are the controversies surrounding the Telugu movies.

  • Same concept

Have you ever wondered why all the movies look alike? The script has always been about a hero who is not educated and has no formal employment falls in love with a very beautiful girl who happens to be from a wealthy family. I know you guess what am going to say next right?

People say that they are bored with the same old script. Am sure you need something different too right? it is a cry that has reached to the upcoming producers and has been making the changes. If you have watched their film, you will notice the change of the script been aired.

  • The role played

There have been controversies in the role given to the actors in the script. According to many, females are under role and are given insignificant roles like of dancing and being the girl who is being pursued by the main actor, they feel the female is the second riddle in most movies.

When it comes to the hero, they use the same one almost all movies which bring in monotony. They also don’t have a female actor’s who play a central role in almost all movies. They are also known not to consider people who are marginalized like the cross-racial, gay and transgender.

  • The fight

If you have been keen with the movies, people feel like the fight are overdone to make the main actor, who is the hero appear mighty and to be adored by the people who are watching. There are a lot of stunts that are untrue.

How on earth can one man beat almost 50 thugs? That is what many have been wondering. What is seen as absurd it the way the criminals in the fight approach the hero one by one. That and many more are some of the things that may make you doubt the movies.

  • Moral and family values

They are known to uphold morals among the youth, promote the culture of the Indian people and teach people about social life. What is seen in some movies is the opposite of that. You will see a lot of sex, violence and vulgar language in the movies that don’t agree with the norm.

They also teach people that for you to have a beautiful girl, you only need t to be strong and pursue the girl, emphasize the need education. That is seen as a way of degrading the education aspect of society. That is raising the alarm in the media.

  • The female character is degraded

There few movies that keep the woman as the main actor. They all pick the man as the main role player and as the hero. The female is given the role of belly dancers and the villains of the movie. That brings the aspect of degrading the girl in society.

Einthusan Telegu movies

Einthusan is a site that you get to have the Telegu and other Indian moves. They have been convenient in the sense that they offer you and me an opportunity to watch our favourite movies at the comfort of our houses.

Euinthusan site has been around for more than four years. In the years, subscribers have been increasing each day due to the services they offer. If you subscribe with them, you get to have Indian movies and other Bollywood movies in the nine languages available.

For you watch the movie, you must sign in using your details then subscribe. They have in which you can subscribe. You can have the free subscription where you don’t pay anything to get the movies or you can go for the paid subscription where you pay a small fee to get the film

Each has it owns pros and con but in both, you get to watch the movie of your choice using your device. All you need to do is go to www.einthusan.com and depending on your subscription, log in and select the movie you want to watch.

How to download the einthusan Telegu movies

There are two ways in which you can get and download Telegu movies. You can either pay the premium subscription and stream live to watch the movie or you can go ahead and use a downloading application to download the film.

If you have a good internet connection, you can enjoy watching movies online. All you need to do is log in and choose your movie and watch. You can also choose to download to watch later by following the easy steps found online on how to download einthusan movies.

In either of the subscription, you should make sure you have a reliable network to aid you in the streaming or downloading. After you have done so, choose your movie and get yourself some popcorns and enjoy.

Telugu movies have been at the centre of peoples talk. Whether in a good way or in a bad one, it is clear they have been influential to the audience. For you to judge for yourself whether what people are saying is true or not, you need to lock into einthusan Telegu movies for you to see for yourself.