Pros and Cons of Hindi Movies (2023)

einthusan hindi movie September 3, 2022

So, I and my girls are going out. It is something we do most of the time when we stay long without seeing each other. Nancy, one of our friends is having a birthday. Since we declare yourself too old to have birthday celebrations, we treat each other out for a movie date.

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I decide how I will leave my kids and prepare in mind. I am excited because we are going to see an Indian movie which is my favourite kind of movies. We love the way they sing and we tend to sing along with them. One would think we understand what we are saying.

Hindi Movies to Watch on Weekends

Hindi Movies to Watch on Weekends

I am done and I call the other girls to know if they are. We hit the road and go to peak Nancy along the way. As we pay for the tickets, everyone is excited and anticipating to have a good time after all movies are meant to do that, right?

While we were watching the movie, at the back of my mind I wondered why I never take my kids to watch a Hindi movie. My son loves action so much and my daughter can dance and sing along to the songs. All through the movie, I was thinking of whether my kids can enjoy the movie or not.

Hindi movies

They are a product of the Bollywood industry. The world largest film production industry found in India. It is known to produce over 1500 movies in a year making it one of the fastest growing film industry. That sounds interesting right? Well, it might be or so shall you see below.

People have invested money to make films, many actors have been discovered and made into stars through the industry. They are popular since they produce movies with the language that the residents understand and relate to very well.

The movies in Bollywood are made using popular languages in the Asian countries Hindi being one of them. Hindi movies have been there for a while providing a mode of entertainment not only to the Asian people but also to people in other parts of the world.

If you ask me, there are some aspects that make me love movies. Am sure even you, there are things you love about the film. Those aspects make the movies unique and interesting to watch. Which aspects are these?

Unique Characteristics of the Hindi Movies

If I must watch the movie with my kids, I must understand the movies in depth. While in the process of understanding them, I have come to know that the movies are unique. The aspects that make them so include;

  • They are long

Yes, if you are to watch an Indian movie, you must strap yourself and give yourself time. That is because Indian movies are long. You will have to sit down for 3-4hours watching the same movie. That is why we choose the Indian movie to watch. We will have enough time to bound.

According to producers of the movies, they make the movies long because it is part of the Indian culture. If you look at the Indian wedding and other occasions you will understand too why that is so. Their wedding takes up to 4-5 days of celebration.

Having long movies gives the audience time to relate and understand the movies. Songs in between the script and to blend the movie and keep the audience entertained as they follow the script. That is one thing I have noted unique in their movies.

  • Singing and dancing

Am sure this is one thing that will excite Nancy. She loves singing to almost every song she hears. It doesn’t matter if she understands the language or not. She will sing and dance to the songs in the movie we are watching.

Songs and dances have been part of the Hindi movies. That is part of showcasing their talents and culture. So many great musicians have been discovered and awarded through featuring in the movies, the belly dancing and the voices will surely keep you glued to the movie.

  • Full of colour

Hindi is all about colour, they love bright and beautiful colours, that is prominent in the movies that are produced. Red and gold which is the colour of the sari are all over the movies. There is also a lot of jewellery that the female actors were a symbol of their culture.

If you are to watch the movie, you will not be treated to a dull colour of the cloths and scenes. Amid singing and dancing, a lot of colours comes out in form of the clothes they wear, the jewellery and the scenery around them. Your eyes will be truly entertained.

  • Rich in tradition and culture

It is through watching the Hindi movies that I came to know that the female is the one who pays dowry. I also came to know a wedding celebration can take up to 15 days. That is because the movies are full of what they practice in their culture and traditions.

Like the benefits of any other movie which is to educate people, Hindi movies are based on their day to day activities. What the Asian believes and practice is fully displayed in their movies. They stand out in that they act as a tool of teaching people what they practice.

Watching the movies with my kids will be a fun way of teaching them of religion and culture they don’t know. I may explain to them but they will not understand well like the way they would be seeing it in a movie. They say kids learn ell with action other than words, right?

  • Many are based on a love story

The one we are about to watch, it is of a young girl from a rich family who falls in love with a rude uneducated man who happens to be the hero in the story. The father to the girl is a drug lord and deals with other bad people. The girl is kidnapped and the hero rescues her leading to a happy love story.

Many of the movies of the Hindi people are based on love and romance. They are focused on ho the hero lures the girl into a relationship by breaking many peoples neck. It is something I would think before I let my kids see when it comes to that. They are teenagers and……that’s another story.

  • Happy ending

I had to ask my friend before concluding this. I asked them whether we have watched an Indian movie with a sad ending and the answer is no. All the movies end up with the hero getting what he worked very hard in the movie for and the bad guys dying in the process.

Pros of Hindi movies

  • Entertainment

Sure, that is one thing they do. They keep you on your toe and moving to the beats and dancing. They will up your adrenaline to the point where you ill feel part of the film. That is what a movie should be all about, entertaining you.

Whenever you are bored and want to be happy and relaxed, a Hindi movie is what you need on your screen and a cup of popcorns. Sing to songs you don’t know and dance your fat belly to the songs. At the end of the movie, you will be excited and your adrenaline high due to the script.

  • Socializing

Like what e are doing with my girlfriends. They are a pure source of getting together with friends and families, in the movie hall, we found our self-eating popcorns from other people’s cups and in the process get to know them, it is fun and no one will get mad at you.

  • Learn what teamwork can do

Can you imagine the efforts put into making such a film? All the technicians, costume maker, the actor, the producer and many more people who worked together to come up with the film. It teaches you who working together can be good in the long run, right?

That is a lesson I want my kids to learn, that hard work and working together works. The people in the movie work together to ensure the film is a success. It is a lesson that you and I should learn also. The Hindi movie shows it all.

  • Educate us

Just like in stated earlier, the movie is full of culture and tradition of the Hindi people. If you want to learn how they do their things, watching one or two of their movies will tell and educate you of hat you want to know.

They serve the purpose of educating people, just like any movies should do. If I am to watch the movie with my kids, they ill come out with questions and answers about how the Hindi people do most of their things. About their culture and traditions which is clearly portrayed in the film.

  • Mirror of society

If you want to know what the Asian society is all about, watch Bollywood movies. You will understand the way people relate to each other, the way their streets are and what of the mode of transport they use, it is because they act hat happens in their society.

If the movie is about drugs and drug lords, know that there is a lot of drugs being sold and how they are trying to get rid of the vice. All the movies they act reflects what happens in society and act as a mirror.

  • Employment

Many have become rich and famous in the sector. A lot of money is invested to make sure the movies become a success. When the movies are released and they become a success, they bring a lot of revenue both to the actors and to the government involved.

Actors have become millionaires and producers have gained fame through them. That is because they have become popular and everyone is watching them. Hindi movie has become a good way to employ people and has earned them a good return.

Cons of Hindi movies

  • Violence

There is a lot of fighting that goes on in the movies, they make our popcorns spill every time we are watching a fighting scene due to the shock we receive. It creates a negative impact on the current society, something I will not want my kids to learn about.

They make it look easy. That the only way you can gain something is by fighting and killing someone. That can have a negative impact especially to the growing generation plus to my popcorns which spills all away.

  • False notation

This applies in a fiction movie. A movie is about someone’s imagination. That can create a false perception of something which might be bad for the growing kids. When a movie is based on someone imagination, it can lead to you believing that it happens in real life which it doesn’t.

  • Waste of time and money

Have you ever watched a movie and wondered what the producer was thinking? Unfortunately, not all movies turn out to be a hit especially the Hindi movies. Some end up flopping down to the drain with all the money invested in it.

Many movies have been criticized to be of bad quality. As much as the producers put their energy in it, some don’t meet the audience expectation. They end up not selling at all leading to a loss both to the actors, the producer and the investors

  • Mighty adoration

That is something prominent in many Hindi movies. It is something that has a negative impact on society because what you believe about the hero might not be what he is in real life. People believe heroes have supernatural powers to fight everyone which is not.

Hindi movies are unique in many ways. They have songs, dances, are rich in culture and teach us a lot of Asian way of living. Whether I can watch it with my kids or not, it is clear a sure way of getting yourself entertained as I did with my girlfriends.