Top 10 Einthusan Hindi Movies (2023)

einthusan hindi movie September 3, 2022


Being a movie manic makes you look like a stalker, right? The way a stalker walks around looking for someone he/she loves. You can even try to be someone you are not in the name of finding the person you want, it can be fun and scary at the same time.

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If you love movies, you get the feeling. When what you love to do during your free time is lay with your pyjamas and watch movies, you will anticipate on what to watch next. You will be scrolling all over to know which producer is releasing a new film and when.

Einthusan Hindi movie

Einthusan Hindi movie

I know you don’t like repeating movies unless it was interesting. You want to see fresh and interesting movies every day. That is because new movies tend to come with a new vibe, concept and suspense. You will be more entertained with a new movie than with an old one.

Bollywood movies have been every person favourite nowadays. That is because they have revolutionized to become interesting and full of concept that people want. They release more than 1000 movies from the 9 Asian region languages making it the world biggest film industry.

Factors that influence the type of movie you choose

Film production industries release movies almost every day. It is hard to choose a movie suitable to watch. It is more difficult especially if you love Asian movies from Bollywood. The following are some factors that you must look at before choosing a movie to watch;

  • The timing

When did the film producer release the movie.? It is a question you must ask yourself. If it is the latest, chances are you have not watched the movie. That only means you will be interested to know what is in the movie.

Movies released of late tend to be interesting and with new vibes. They have new technology and storyline to tell. So, if you were to g for a movie to watch, going for a new one is a sure way of watching something new and fresh.

  • Director

If you are into movies, you will be digging more to know directors. You know which director produces good movies and who is not worth your attention. knowing directors means you will be interested to know what they have produced of late for oy to watch.

There are directors that are known to be the best in the industry. Their vision and style of the movies they produce are worth people’s attention. Those kinds of directors disserve to be stalked for you to know what they are releasing next.

  • Actor/actress

Am sure there are actors and actress that you love to see the act, right? If you have one, you will go looking for what new film the actor has featured in. That will have a lot to do with the next film that you are going to watch.

Actors and actress have a large following. When it comes to Asian movies, they even adore them and want to know what the actors are up to. That has a lot to do with what you to are going to watch. If you love a certain actor, you will want to see every movie he or she feature is.

  • Good marketing

There are movies that you will watch because of the hyped advertisement. They tend to be marketed on the big screens and social media. If you were to watch a preview of a certain movie and it interests you, you will be motivated to watch the whole of it.

That is a strategy that has been used by many media companies. They give the audience a sneak preview of the upcoming movie. When you see it, you will be anxious to see the whole movie and that motivates you to look for the movie.

  • A movie based on something

It has been a motivator that has made me see a lot of movies. It can base on a book, a live event or a natural happening that happened in the past. A big example of what made me watch the Titanic. The happening as best explained in the movie and it motivated me to watch it to get the story.

Many movies that people watch are so that they can get the story well. It can be a book or something that happened a long time ago. Just like kids, we too get to understand something and learn more if we see it in a movie than read it.

  • The story of the movie

There are so many purposes for watching movies. It can be for entertainment, to learn something and so on. What you should ask yourself is what you will you gain from watching the movie. Will it entertain, educate or make you laugh. If it serves the purpose, it is worth your time.

Many movies have flopped because of that. They don’t serve any of the purposes of a film. The storyline may have been done by somebody who did not think of the audience before writing it. The story of the movie should be the number one motivator for you to watch a certain movie.

  • Rating

It may sound little but it can also have an influence on the movie you are about to watch. That is because the rating is an opinion from people who have seen the movie and have aired their opinion. If a movie is boring, why should you waste your time looking for it?

Though rating is considered, it is mostly based on opinion. What is interesting and entertaining to someone can be boring to the other and vice vasa. After looking at the rating, it is best you look for another opinion before you disregard a movie.

Einthusan Hindi movie

Top 10 Einthusan Hindi movies Today

Hindi movies have been a source of entertainment for a long time. People from all walks of life have been looking for movies to entertain themselves. that is because there is more to their movies. The song and the daces, culture and the love in them just make you want to watch them.

One of the sites that have been prominent in making sure you are not left behind when it comes to Bollywood movies is the It is a site that has been known to have the best. Their movies are constantly updated to make sure you get the best.

If you are looking for a movie to entertain yourself today, you need to go to the site and on the Hindi movie categories, check on the following top ten movies today;

  • Hero

It is a very interesting love story about a short man who meets different women. The two helps the woman find his purpose as they broaden his horizon. Written by Himansh Sharma and directed by Anand L. Ral. It is a story that will leave you entertained and intrigued by the power of love.

The movie was released on 21 December 2018. It is the latest one and has received a lot of positive and negative critics about its visual effects and performance of Khan and Kaif. To know more. Log in to the enithusan Hindi site and see the movie yourself.

  • Badhaai Ho

If you want to laugh yourself out, it is the comedy you need to go for. See for yourself the shock of adult children avoiding people and the society due to their parent’s pregnancy. It is full of drama of how friends and relatives react to the idea couple being pregnant again.

It provides a new twist to the Indian movies. with so many positive reviews since it was released on 18 October 2018, people are entertained by the comedy from all walks of life. You will not be dull and bored at the end of the movie.

  • Thugs of Hindustan

If you are into action, the movie written and directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya and produced by Aditya Chopra. It is based on what happened in 1795. It is about a town Hindustan that had a king by the name Mirza Sikander who was killed together with his residents by John Clive.

The only survivor’s who is the king’s daughter and the general. The general adopts and raises the king as his own daughter. He then forms a thug group to fight against John Clive solders in order to take back their town. The story will surely take you to an adventure.

  • Baazaah

It is a 2018 drama film directed by Gauravv K. Chawla. It is about a stock trader Rizwan Ahmed who moves to Mumbai to work for his hero. He charms his way into being employed to be a stockbroker with a promise of never losing money, unfortunately, that happens.

For him to recover the money, he must use inside information from his boss which includes being close to the family to do that. Eventually, he gets a tip of the government buying bids before eventually knowing it as a plot. Know that and more by watching the movie yourself.

  • Mohalla Assi

Based on a popular novel, Kashi Ka Assi. It is a Bollywood comedy-drama that is going to give you a close preview about the ancient priesthood. It is about a priest who tries to eliminate false gurus from entering and luring tourist into the city.

  • Stree

It is a thriller movie that will leave you under the sheets as you watch it. it is about shree, a ghost of a woman who has been adopting men at night during a four-day festival. She has been doing that to revenge the death of her soon to be the husband that happened many years ago.

Vicky, women dress tailor together with his imaginary friend can unravel the mystery behind the ghost woman by visiting the author of the book with the story about shree. The author says all shree wants is love. Will Vicky be a new love that shree want? Watch the movie to know.

  • Manmar ziyaan

It is a love triangle romantic c drama that will keep you on your sit till it ends. It is about Vicky and Rumi. Rumi fell in love with a DJ ho is Vicky. They are so much in love such that they are caught in a compromising position by their parents leading to a forced marriage that never happens

Rubi is forced to marry Robbie when Vicky develops cold feet. After marriage, Robbie discovers that Rumi is still seeing Vicky. Know more by watching the whole movie which is directed by Anurang Kashyap and written by Kanika Dhillon.

  • Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety

If you want to laugh your lungs put, watch the movie about friends. They are Titu and Sonu. Titu loves his girlfriend pihu and sees her as a perfect wife to marry while Sonu is a jealous friend who wants all attention to be on him. See how Tito will balance the relationships in the movie at the site.

  • Jalebi; the everlasting taste of love

Aisha who is a writer during her expedition to research for an upcoming book meet Dev. After intense love and romance, they decide to get married and Aisha gets pregnant. They are excited about it but unfortunately Aisha miscarriages leading to complication and divorce.

It is an intriguing story as Aisha meets dev years later with his wife and their daughter. You should watch the movie to see the flashbacks of how their marriage was and what happened that made dev not to come to the train station the day Aisha left.

  • Raazi

The movie is based on a novel, calling sehmat and an actual account that happened in an Indian research and analysis wing agent who became a spy upon being married to a Pakistani family of military officials to fulfil his father’s wish.

The above is what you will find when you log in to einthusan Hindi movies. there you will find movies of all genre. From romance, comedy drama and even thriller. You don’t have to move out to find your favourite movie, you will find them at