How to Make an Account in Einthusan Hindi (

 How to make an account in Einthusan Hindi? Nobody likes the hassle of pressing on various fake links that turns out to be scams eventually. Most of them are viruses or ads but never the real movie. Even though our television does a great job on showing us television series but it does let you have access to new movies.

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Also, you are unable to watch any movie you like anytime. If you are interested in watching Hindi movies online, this website is going to be perfect for you. Plus, you do not have to spend money on theatres and it will kill boredom. Numerous reasons are there to why you would want Einthusan Hindi in your life.

Here is how you can sign up for an account on their website. 

Step 1 Go to the link mentioned above. If you are familiar with making accounts on various sites this should be easy. If you are wondering that why do you need a guide to sign up for this, the reason is because most of the websites are scams and provide fake links.

If you follow the instructions here, you will have a beautiful account ready for usage in no time. The best part is that this site is not complicated. Other websites have a lot of other troublesome information and messages that makes them difficult to use.

Einthusan Hindi

Einthusan Hindi

Step 2 You will see two options: one of them says “Login/Register” and another says “Movies” and click on the first one. You will get two choices again, one says Login and the other says Register. Since you are here to create the account, pick Register. You should know that the website can terminate anybody’s account anytime if they notice that the user is involved in illegal activities. It is a website for entertainment and enjoyment so go according to the Terms of Use and Privacy policy. You should go through them so that you do not have any problem with the website in the future.

Step 3 Do not use fake or false data. Write down your real name, the e-mail that you are currently using and password. With the overabundance of various websites (Facebook, twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr etc.) that you perhaps have accounts, there is no way simply to effortlessly recall every single password without repeating them. You can create one that has 12 characters or more and a longer can help. If you think that someone knows your Facebook password such as it is “MouseandCat321” do not make the Einthusan one like “MouseandCat123” because that would be too easy to guess.  Stay away from words that are in the dictionary and include symbols and mixture of capital and small letters. That means, a nice password for Einthusan Hindi can be m0u$€&kAt669! See what we did here. We added a sign that is the exclamatory sign and we also put symbols and Kat is not a dictionary word.

Step 4 If you have read the Terms of service and Privacy policy as mentioned above, click on I Agree. After that, you should be able to take advantage of their amazing customer support, rate and comment on movies and watch anything you like. You will love their collection because they even the Hindi movies that were hits in the 1970s. If you are wondering why we stressed about the password part in the previous step, it is because there is a view list. If someone hacks into your account, they can mess up your view list by watching anything they want. Also, they can mess up the playlists that you created and comment using your name. If they do anything wrong, you can have your account terminated.

Step 5 If you are wondering how Einthusan makes money if they are not charging anything is because of the ads. When you watch an ad during the movie, they make money. You cannot expect such a high-class site to run without any revenue. They maintain high-quality and perfection so you cannot expect them to be without any revenues. Although, if you want a better service and no ads during movies, you can move to Premium account. If you love Einthusan Hindi, the premium will make you become crazy for it. Therefore, follow the link:

Step 6 It should land you on a page where you have to pay $25 and obtain their excellent features and services. There are many differences between a regular user and a premium one. The most basic ones are that your comments will come before the ones who are not paying and you can watch movies even when your internet connection is down. You will be able to download to watch later on. Another useful matter is that you can get fast answers for your problems from the customer service.  Already the website lets the user have access to the huge collection and when you have a premium account, they will have more movies.

Step 7 Einthusan Hindi is simple to use and come back anytime you want whenever you want to watch a Hindi movie. You do not have to make any payment yearly or monthly so if you ever get any mail from someone asking for money for Einthusan, you should know that is a scam. They know that you have an account here and wants to fool you and take money from you.


• It is tough to obtain a bead on how many movies Einthusan Hindi has accessible at any time, but you can search a huge range of genres such as Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and even Bengali

• You should be using a Wi-Fi connection that is fast and secure or else the movies will not load

• Always type the name of the movie using the correct spelling


• You might not get the movie you want always for certain reasons but that does not mean you get angry or start complaining

• Do not post any comments that uses bad words

• You cannot modify, publish or sell any content from Einthusan Hindi