Movies to Watch on Einthusan Telugu (2018)

Here are some movies you should watch on Einthusan telugu. If you have not yet become a premium member, you can become one easily with a small payment of $25. You will get a lot of advantages after that starting with no advertisements and fast loading speeds. Your comments will be on top and you can get response from the customer service quicker. Let us see which movies you must watch on Einthusan telugu.

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1. Manam. It is a movie from 2014 and those who watched has said it is delightful and amazing. There is not a single person who did not like the movie after watching it. It is directed by Vikram Kumar and the story is about a boy who tries to get his parents together. If you are thinking of watching a movie with your family then this is the one.

Einthusan telugu

Einthusan telugu

2. Brahmotsavam. A rich entrepreneur (Sathyaraj) in Vijayawada owns a big house with his brothers, brothers-in-law, and other family members. That is a big content family. His determination is to be with all the family members and rejoice festivals till the finish. His son (Mahesh Babu) trails in his dad’s ways. His business partner and brother-in-law (Rao Ramesh) is unhappy as nobody cares about him on any function. He desires that Mahesh Babu gets married to his girl (Pranitha).

Kasi (Kajal Aggarwal) come in the family and falls for Mahesh Babu. Rao Ramesh therefore shows his anger on his father Sathyaraj and Mahesh Babu. The whole family begins to fall apart and how Mahesh Babu bonds the family with the assistance of Samantha is the root of the plot. Director Srikanth Addala has shaped his niche in Tollywood with his type of movies. His movies are related to the civilization and most of his participants are energetic. He has engaged a good theme and story, that relatives should be combined and nobody is alone.

Despite the fact Srikanth’s idea is decent, he has not executed it properly, it is one large family event after another. The director has put all the characters and likewise shows the association between a son and father nicely. Nevertheless, the issue is that he has not been able to demonstrate the whole family his emotions correctly. The second part of the movie is completely engrossed on the origins, where the son voyages to find his previous seven generations. His knowledge is respectable, and his narration is stimulating.

3. Son of Satyamurthy. Our daily life makes us pessimistic. Every time we hear somebody built a corporate empire worth a sevreral hundred crore, we doubt foul play — dimness prowling behind the blanket of a Good Samaritan. Trivikram Srinivas as the director makes one a business tycoon, Satyamurthy (Prakash Raj) the powerful force behindhand this film. Accurate to name, Satyamurthy follows a virtuous path. No, here is no cover. But then again he has sustained debts of Rupees 300 crore. When he passes away, stocks fall and the business gazes at bankruptcy.

His son (Vennela Kishore) is surprised and experiencing psychiatric therapy. The younger son Viraj Anand (Allu Arjun) needs to decide what to do — keep the household prosperity and let depositors give up the wealth or bite the dust, pay loans and keep his dad’s name hovering high. Trivikram wishes his spectators to contemplate over family ties and values through this plot of a son who is not content if 99/100 people congratulate his dad. He wishes the one chief critic, a businessman (Rajendra Prasad), also to alter his opinion. The movie has a huge cast, they come with surfaces or coincidences. But before the conspiracy condenses, you get to listen to music. Fantastic dialogues come that you expect from a Trivikram movie makes it a must-watch.

4. Soggade Chinni Nayana. Kalyan Krishna, first time being a director of the film while Lavana Tripathi and Ramya Krishnan play the two female lead roles.

Sitha (Lavanya Tripathi) wide of Ramu (Nagarjuna) stay in the United States as Ramu is a doctor. They go to Ramu’s hometown nearby Rajahmundry where his mother Satya Bhama (Ramya Krishnan) lives along with more members of the family.

The wife and husband wants divorce in front of the mother as the wife complaints that Ramu is not paying attention to her because of his job.  That is why the mother calls for her husband Bangarraju (Nagarjuna) in defeat. Upon hearing that, Lord Yama (Nagababu) allows Bangarraju to visit Earth from Yamalokam but informs him that he only the mother will see him that means his wife.

As you can tell by now that it is going to be fun to watch something like this. Even though the husband is dead, yet the wife does not hesitate to tell her problems. Also, the wife gets to find out that he was murdered and the son is in danger. The crux of the story is how he solves his son’s problem and at the same time saves his life.

The Godavari accent makes the movie notable and prominent. Lately, many Telugu films are moreover good in the initial part or the second one, they were unable to preserve the beat throughout the film. This one is a sublime and brilliant throughout.

5. A Aa. You can find this one on Einthusan Telugu and you will want to see it because it is one of the movies people have been waiting to get released. Now, that you know the place where you can get movies in high-quality and being a premium member, you can even download it. The audience loves the performance, plot and the characters. The cast did an incredible work and the plot is fabulous. If you have not seen it yet or did not find a reliable place to watch the movie, come to Einthusan telugu. Even if you do not like music in a movie, you will not be bothered by the songs in this one. It is a plus from all aspects. The plot is just as important as the acting skills. You have everything here.