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Einthusan Hindi movie

Who does not like watching new movies as soon as they get released? If you like to watch Hindi and Indian movies, this should be a familiar situation for you. You wait for months for a certain movie to get released for example Raees by Shah Rukh Khan and after it gets released you cannot watch it online. Even if you can get it online, it is going to be an illegal way. Besides, most of the links that says it is the movie are all hackers and spams. Clicking on them can be a threat to your PC and privacy. If you want to sign up for a website that lets you watch Hindi movies for free, the payment can be high. Einthusan costs only $25. There are no extra or hidden fees. It also has a lot of different categories of Hindi movies unlike other websites that cost more.

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Hindi Movies to Watch on Weekends

Einthusan Hindi

Einthusan Tamil

It is difficult to find a site for watching all kinds of South Asian movies in 1080p. It can be perfect for the whole family. There are old movies for grown-ups to watch such as Sholay (175), Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (2001), Amar Akbar Anthony (1977) etc. There are movies for your friends who likes to watch Tamil or Marathi movies. You can get full entertainment with the new movies of new and young stars.


Einthusan Hindi movie

Einthusan Hindi movie

Some categories that you will find on Einthusan are: 

• Tamil

• Hindi

• Telugu

• Malayalam

• Kannada

• Bengali

• Marathi

• Punjabi

Why Einthusan for your movies?

Television nowadays is a genuine gold mine for watching shows but can you say the same about Hindi movies. You can watch a Hindi movie on TV only after months after it comes out. Transversely all the main links and beyond, there is more than sufficient to select. The site has the largest collection of Hindi movies and it includes everything from horror movies to romance and all that is in between. They accomplished to dive right across the ocean of entertainment, coming out the other end new movies that have single-handed transformed the streaming format. The better streaming capabilities allows the users to download movies offline as well. In that way, you can download a movie in your PC and later watch it on your phone or tablet.

How did Einthusan get here?

Einthusan Hindi movieThe biosphere of streaming beforehand they came along was largely unexplored, and only recently have sites begun to determine their true potential. Procurement of streaming privileges from numerous production and studios companies can get expensive, leaving ain programming as the unpretentious and most reasonable road to explore. That does not mean that all the streaming services are the same, this site stands out from the rest in many ways.

Why is Einthusan better?

Maybe you will manage to get a file online of the movie you were wanting to watch. That would be a part of film piracy. That means it is a source of unlawful copying and distributing of that particular film. If you use that method of watching, it can be a threat to yourself and PC. The quality will also be poor. What is the point of watching a movie in a blurred quality and being a part of the illegal business. Other websites cost a lot per month hence people choose the dark method. In this method, they think they save money. Do you think that there is any self-satisfaction following this method? You have to spend hours to find a link which has the actual movie. Yet, that will be in a poor-quality video format. Also, before you land on the right page, you might have click on hundreds of ads and other broken or spam links. That is why this website makes a difference by taking so less fees so that you do not choose the method of piracy or illegal methods to watch a Hindi movie. You have to be above 18 to subscribe.

Pros of using Einthusan Hindi movie website

• You can watch the movies on any device: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Smart TV, mobile phones and tablets.

• The latest movies will also be in 1080p. It is superior to the quality you watch on television and the ease of access makes it a remarkable experience

• The movie collection is huge because it has all the categories that is hard to find in other sites

• The streaming speed is always high and there is no disturbance no matter what hour is it

• The users can watch Hindi movies without net connection

• The video player is more improved, stable and clear than ever before

• The collection is huge and it is still growing to become bigger

• The website is easy to use and does not cause any difficulty for its users

• The movies have over four thousand films with legal license that has content from nine different provincial language of India

• You can make your playlists of videos and share the audios and videos

• You can rate the movies and comment on the videos you watched

You can find Einthusan on Pinterest, Facebook and twitter. The users can have the best experience watching Hindi movies. There is a huge collection that will have all the films you want to watch. Unlike other websites, there will be no ads to interrupt you during movies. If there is a problem when you are using the site, contact the support team. If you have a premium account, there is no chance of facing problems though.

Hindi Movies to Watch on Weekends

How many times did it happen to you that you were hoping to relax and watch a Hindi movie alone but your busy schedule is not letting you to do so. Thus, you decide to do that on a weekend. Also, you are looking forward to spend some time along watching the movie or with friends/family. Although, there could be a problem. How many times did it happen that when it is finally your break on Saturday you do not know what to watch. That is why, we are here to help. If you have an account on Einthusan Hindi, the fun will be greater.

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Einthusan Hindi movie

Einthusan Hindi

Einthusan Tamil

There is no need to search online and get scammed by fake links. Moreover, you can watch them without any buffering or trouble. The picture quality will be clear and high resolution and you can also comment or rate. No need to deal with the hassle of finding a link that works. You can also download it on a weekday and even if your internet connection is out you can watch it on a Saturday. Nothing is there to stop you. So, getting back to our main issue, how many times did it happen that you did not know what to watch and wasted more than an hour on searching. Here is a list of the Hindi movies for you to watch on a Saturday.

Hindi Movies to Watch on Weekends

Hindi Movies to Watch on Weekends

1. Dil Dhadakne Do. You should watch this if you want to watch a movie with your family or with friends or even just all by yourself. The cast is perfect as it includes the beautiful couple that we have seen on Ladies vs. Ricky Bahl: Anushka Sharma and Ranveer Singh. It also consists of Priyanka Chopra, Farhan Akhter and Anil Kapoor. If you have seen Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and loved it, you will like this one as well. You can tell by now that since Zoya Akhtar is the director, you will love her magic here. The specialties on the movie is the location, the cast and the story. You will like the story, the music and the comedy part.  It is also something related to our regular life not something of fiction or out of imagination. A family on a cruise dealing with love, divorce and so much more is what we see nowadays.

2. Sultan. Directed by Ali Abbas Zafar and Anushka Sharma and Salman Khan in the lead role, nobody is going to miss this. If you are a Salman Khan fan you should be in for a treat. If you liked Bajrangi Bhaijan and you want to see more of him, this daring movie will be the one. You will see him and Anushka in a new look. You will love how she is a lady wrestler. It is an excellent film about sports and you should have time to watch this.

3. Queen. If you like girl power then you should watch this. In fact, it will not be just an entertainment for you and it can be a life lesson. If you are thinking of forgiving someone who has done wrong with you then you are not taking the right step. Most girls in India make the mistake of going back even after their in-laws have done wrong with them. Here, you will learn what is right and what is wrong, if you are a lady, you will love this. You will also adore the scenes in Paris. There is nothing to say about Kangana Ranaut’s acting: she is simply amazing!  The songs are also fantastic.

4. Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram Leela. You should know crafting a list of great movies is far away from precise science since everybody’s choice is different. If you are in search for a nice movie, we will hit the jackpot with Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram Leela. You will not be disappointed even though it is not a story of the modern era. It is two plots for the value of one by the appearances of it. You will see that Ram is the hero who came and flirt with Leela. They eventually fall in love but being from different clans causes the problems. Find out what happens in the end. Do they live happily ever after?

5. Jolly LLB 2. How can we not include an Akshay Kumar film? He has always amazed us with comedy, action and what not. He has impressed us with Rustom, Oh My God, House full, Rowdy Rathore, Airlift and so on. He and Huma Qureshi are the lead roles and the plot is of a small-time lawyer who is confronted with a crucial case in his profession. I have not watched it and I am already feeling curious what is going to happen next!

6. Badrinath Ki Dulhania. If you are an Alia Bhatt fan, you should watch this. If you have loved the couple Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan in Humpty Sharma ki Dulhania, then this will not be a disappointment. There are folks who have watched in more than five times and want to watch again and again because of the lead roles’ acting and the movie’s plot. It is another filmed where the producer is Karan Johar after casting the lead roles in Humpty Sharma ki Dulhania and Student of the year.

7. Ok Jaanu. You obviously know how famous and successful Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor became after the Hindi movie, Aashiqui 2. Later both the cast were being called for many other movies with other lead roles such as Ek Villan for Shraddha with Siddharth Malhotra and Daawat e Ishq for Aditya with Parineeti. This is another movie with the exact same couple people loved in Aashiqui 2.

8. Raees. Lastly, if you have not watch this film from Shah Rukh Khan, do not want any longer. It is last on the list so that if you are not watching the first seven we suggested, you are going to pick this one. Nobody can miss a Shah Rukh Khan film. This Hindi movie is entertaining, engaging and delightful.

Einthusan Hindi

[ URL: ] How to make an account in Einthusan Hindi? Nobody likes the hassle of pressing on various fake links that turns out to be scams eventually. Most of them are viruses or ads but never the real movie. Even though our television does a great job on showing us television series but it does let you have access to new movies. Also, you are unable to watch any movie you like anytime. If you are interested in watching Hindi movies online, this website is going to be perfect for you. Plus, you do not have to spend money on theatres and it will kill boredom. Numerous reasons are there to why you would want Einthusan Hindi in your life.

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Einthusan Hindi movie

Einthusan Tamil

Movies to watch on Einthusan telugu

Here is how you can sign up for an account on their website. Step 1 Go to the link mentioned above. If you are familiar with making accounts on various sites this should be easy. If you are wondering that why do you need a guide to sign up for this, the reason is because most of the websites are scams and provide fake links. If you follow the instructions here, you will have a beautiful account ready for usage in no time. The best part is that this site is not complicated. Other websites have a lot of other troublesome information and messages that makes them difficult to use.

Einthusan Hindi

Einthusan Hindi

Step 2 You will see two options: one of them says “Login/Register” and another says “Movies” and click on the first one. You will get two choices again, one says Login and the other says Register. Since you are here to create the account, pick Register. You should know that the website can terminate anybody’s account anytime if they notice that the user is involved in illegal activities. It is a website for entertainment and enjoyment so go according to the Terms of Use and Privacy policy. You should go through them so that you do not have any problem with the website in the future.

Step 3 Do not use fake or false data. Write down your real name, the e-mail that you are currently using and password. With the overabundance of various websites (Facebook, twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr etc.) that you perhaps have accounts, there is no way simply to effortlessly recall every single password without repeating them. You can create one that has 12 characters or more and a longer can help. If you think that someone knows your Facebook password such as it is “MouseandCat321” do not make the Einthusan one like “MouseandCat123” because that would be too easy to guess.  Stay away from words that are in the dictionary and include symbols and mixture of capital and small letters. That means, a nice password for Einthusan Hindi can be m0u$€&kAt669! See what we did here. We added a sign that is the exclamatory sign and we also put symbols and Kat is not a dictionary word.

Step 4 If you have read the Terms of service and Privacy policy as mentioned above, click on I Agree. After that, you should be able to take advantage of their amazing customer support, rate and comment on movies and watch anything you like. You will love their collection because they even the Hindi movies that were hits in the 1970s. If you are wondering why we stressed about the password part in the previous step, it is because there is a view list. If someone hacks into your account, they can mess up your view list by watching anything they want. Also, they can mess up the playlists that you created and comment using your name. If they do anything wrong, you can have your account terminated.

Step 5 If you are wondering how Einthusan makes money if they are not charging anything is because of the ads. When you watch an ad during the movie, they make money. You cannot expect such a high-class site to run without any revenue. They maintain high-quality and perfection so you cannot expect them to be without any revenues. Although, if you want a better service and no ads during movies, you can move to Premium account. If you love Einthusan Hindi, the premium will make you become crazy for it. Therefore, follow the link:

Step 6 It should land you on a page where you have to pay $25 and obtain their excellent features and services. There are many differences between a regular user and a premium one. The most basic ones are that your comments will come before the ones who are not paying and you can watch movies even when your internet connection is down. You will be able to download to watch later on. Another useful matter is that you can get fast answers for your problems from the customer service.  Already the website lets the user have access to the huge collection and when you have a premium account, they will have more movies.

Step 7 Einthusan Hindi is simple to use and come back anytime you want whenever you want to watch a Hindi movie. You do not have to make any payment yearly or monthly so if you ever get any mail from someone asking for money for Einthusan, you should know that is a scam. They know that you have an account here and wants to fool you and take money from you.


• It is tough to obtain a bead on how many movies Einthusan Hindi has accessible at any time, but you can search a huge range of genres such as Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and even Bengali

• You should be using a Wi-Fi connection that is fast and secure or else the movies will not load

• Always type the name of the movie using the correct spelling


• You might not get the movie you want always for certain reasons but that does not mean you get angry or start complaining

• Do not post any comments that uses bad words

• You cannot modify, publish or sell any content from Einthusan Hindi


Einthusan Tamil

Why is Bahubali a must-watch on Einthusan Tamil? Bahubali is available on Einthusan Tamil and you can watch it without any trouble as many times as you want. Wherever you go, you will hear about his movie. No matter where you are, this movie is also available in different languages so that people around the world can understand this. Do you know what is so special about it? Let us see.

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Movies to watch on Einthusan telugu

Einthusan Hindi movie

Hindi Movies to Watch on Weekends

1-special Concept, EXTENSIVE work – It is overwhelming, it blends realism with creative writing, it carriages us to a different universe and prepares it in the most persuading way. It gets the rich Indian culture and depicts it wonderfully. Expressions of the human experience, engineering, ensembles, the entire pomp of the seniority rulers and realms is depicted most strikingly and it infers loads of pride to see something so particularly Indian up there on wide screen.

Einthusan Tamil

Einthusan Tamil

2-INDIAN PRIDE-the country is experiencing a change. For every one of these years, they had been educated and had trusted that something was deficient in us. Regarding diversion, we had seen Transformers, Jurassic Park, Avatar, Harry Potter from Hollywood and dependably pondered (particularly the youthful era) why wouldn’t we be able to have something so shocking. Baahubali transports the dazzling big screen party like these Hollywood films yet styles it so exceptionally Indian that people begin trusting this may very well be a genuine!

3-SPECIAL EFFECTS-I most likely shall say this initially. In previous decade, Indians have propelled a great deal as far as embellishments and in this film, we can grasp the genuine magnificence of an extensive canvas meeting magnificent worldwide scale visual impacts. Not just the fighting scenes in the end, but numerous creature battling scenes were likewise PC produced and they looked genuine. It looked superior to anything Hollywood created like Troy! At the movies, everyone was wondering about the heavenly impacts they have appeared in the motion picture. They truly centered around what was imperative.

4-concentrate On Script-Indians have clique of identities. It is valid in each part of lifecycle, whether it be government officials, performing artists or businesspeople, one can simply discover dazzle devotees of each individual who will kick the bucket for them! In media outlets also, we see a similar thing. Determined admirers of practically every on-screen character they will observe even the most noticeably bad motion pictures and make them procure hundreds of crores-while great motion pictures with no star control progress toward becoming failures. In this movie, the concentrate was absolutely continued the script. I am certain Prabhas has a tremendous fan following in the south yet to the extent.

5-Story is bolting , and natural, for Indians. Since it has components of Hindu Tatva ( Krishna birth – Kansa attempting to execute Shri Krishna however Shri Krishna getting away), Krishna youth – birth mother and embraced mother, Mahabharata (Rana playing Duryodhana sort character, enmity with siblings over kingdom), Ramayana (Bahubali compelled to empty kingdom by close relative). While viewing both part 1 and part 2, it was clear story was enlivened by immortal Hindu books on Tatva. This is the reason despite the fact that it perhaps only 1% of either Ramayana or Mahabharata, story is intriguing.

6-Quiet uprising in Bharat of dominant part. For a considerable length of time noiseless and quiet greater part of Bharat were coarsened, subjugated yet at the same time given sermons about obliging other people. What has occurred in recent years is political and social insurgency and rising by this lion’s share. It is seen in political outcomes. It is being seen in social marvel (Chota Krishna, Chota Bheem, Ramayana rebound on channels). We were informed that viewing Ramayana Mahabharata or any film/ story that paints Vedic dharma in positive light is “awful”.

7-Freshness of motion picture. At the point when was the last Hindi motion picture you saw that did not have 50-year-old Khans charming 20 year old ladies? Just special cases are films by Ajay Devgan Akshay Kumar however they are not that regular and have many failures. Bahubali is such a and crisp film as performing artists are not known outside of their locality. Do you not get bored seeing the same thing again ang again just with different actors and actresses? It would be any of the Khans out of the three and with a new actress or someone who just had a debut movie. Nowadays this kind of movies are seen everywhere and you will also get them on Einthusan Hindi.  That is why this movie is exceptional and you will like it for being different.

8-When one person sees the movie, they talk about it with others because they like it. If you have not seen it yet, watch it and you are going to talk about it. There is no age for this. For example, there are 12-year-old girls having sleepover and watching this movie. It has become a good part of entertainment for everyone. You go to the workplace or office and you will discover people talking about it. The whole team has put a lot of efforts into this for example the director has been working on the movie since the last decade and the actors had to spend more than 1 crore on training themselves at the gym.

Now you know eight reasons to why you should watch Bahubali and when you need a trusted platform, Einthusan Tamil is always there. You can watch it in high-quality picture and if you are premium member you get a lot of advantages. Pick Einthusan Tamil for your place to get Tamil movies.

Movies to watch on Einthusan telugu

Here are some movies you should watch on Einthusan telugu. If you have not yet become a premium member, you can become one easily with a small payment of $25. You will get a lot of advantages after that starting with no advertisements and fast loading speeds. Your comments will be on top and you can get response from the customer service quicker. Let us see which movies you must watch on Einthusan telugu

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Einthusan Hindi movie

Hindi Movies to Watch on Weekends

Einthusan Hindi

1. Manam. It is a movie from 2014 and those who watched has said it is delightful and amazing. There is not a single person who did not like the movie after watching it. It is directed by Vikram Kumar and the story is about a boy who tries to get his parents together. If you are thinking of watching a movie with your family then this is the one.

Einthusan telugu

Einthusan telugu

2. Brahmotsavam. A rich entrepreneur (Sathyaraj) in Vijayawada owns a big house with his brothers, brothers-in-law, and other family members. That is a big content family. His determination is to be with all the family members and rejoice festivals till the finish. His son (Mahesh Babu) trails in his dad’s ways. His business partner and brother-in-law (Rao Ramesh) is unhappy as nobody cares about him on any function. He desires that Mahesh Babu gets married to his girl (Pranitha).

Kasi (Kajal Aggarwal) come in the family and falls for Mahesh Babu. Rao Ramesh therefore shows his anger on his father Sathyaraj and Mahesh Babu. The whole family begins to fall apart and how Mahesh Babu bonds the family with the assistance of Samantha is the root of the plot. Director Srikanth Addala has shaped his niche in Tollywood with his type of movies. His movies are related to the civilization and most of his participants are energetic. He has engaged a good theme and story, that relatives should be combined and nobody is alone.

Despite the fact Srikanth’s idea is decent, he has not executed it properly, it is one large family event after another. The director has put all the characters and likewise shows the association between a son and father nicely. Nevertheless, the issue is that he has not been able to demonstrate the whole family his emotions correctly. The second part of the movie is completely engrossed on the origins, where the son voyages to find his previous seven generations. His knowledge is respectable, and his narration is stimulating.

3. Son of Satyamurthy. Our daily life makes us pessimistic. Every time we hear somebody built a corporate empire worth a sevreral hundred crore, we doubt foul play — dimness prowling behind the blanket of a Good Samaritan. Trivikram Srinivas as the director makes one a business tycoon, Satyamurthy (Prakash Raj) the powerful force behindhand this film. Accurate to name, Satyamurthy follows a virtuous path. No, here is no cover. But then again he has sustained debts of Rupees 300 crore. When he passes away, stocks fall and the business gazes at bankruptcy.

His son (Vennela Kishore) is surprised and experiencing psychiatric therapy. The younger son Viraj Anand (Allu Arjun) needs to decide what to do — keep the household prosperity and let depositors give up the wealth or bite the dust, pay loans and keep his dad’s name hovering high. Trivikram wishes his spectators to contemplate over family ties and values through this plot of a son who is not content if 99/100 people congratulate his dad. He wishes the one chief critic, a businessman (Rajendra Prasad), also to alter his opinion. The movie has a huge cast, they come with surfaces or coincidences. But before the conspiracy condenses, you get to listen to music. Fantastic dialogues come that you expect from a Trivikram movie makes it a must-watch.

4. Soggade Chinni Nayana. Kalyan Krishna, first time being a director of the film while Lavana Tripathi and Ramya Krishnan play the two female lead roles.

Sitha (Lavanya Tripathi) wide of Ramu (Nagarjuna) stay in the United States as Ramu is a doctor. They go to Ramu’s hometown nearby Rajahmundry where his mother Satya Bhama (Ramya Krishnan) lives along with more members of the family.

The wife and husband wants divorce in front of the mother as the wife complaints that Ramu is not paying attention to her because of his job.  That is why the mother calls for her husband Bangarraju (Nagarjuna) in defeat. Upon hearing that, Lord Yama (Nagababu) allows Bangarraju to visit Earth from Yamalokam but informs him that he only the mother will see him that means his wife.

As you can tell by now that it is going to be fun to watch something like this. Even though the husband is dead, yet the wife does not hesitate to tell her problems. Also, the wife gets to find out that he was murdered and the son is in danger. The crux of the story is how he solves his son’s problem and at the same time saves his life.

The Godavari accent makes the movie notable and prominent. Lately, many Telugu films are moreover good in the initial part or the second one, they were unable to preserve the beat throughout the film. This one is a sublime and brilliant throughout.

5. A Aa. You can find this one on Einthusan Telugu and you will want to see it because it is one of the movies people have been waiting to get released. Now, that you know the place where you can get movies in high-quality and being a premium member, you can even download it. The audience loves the performance, plot and the characters. The cast did an incredible work and the plot is fabulous. If you have not seen it yet or did not find a reliable place to watch the movie, come to Einthusan telugu. Even if you do not like music in a movie, you will not be bothered by the songs in this one. It is a plus from all aspects. The plot is just as important as the acting skills. You have everything here.